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Shenzhen Huawei Wei Technology Co., Ltd. Is a professional manufacturer of visual building intercom products; it is one of the famous brands in the intelligent building security industry in China; it is also a high-tech enterprise in Shenzhen. The company takes high-tech industry as the forerunner and aims at large-scale development. Now it has formed a four-in-one technology industry pattern of R&D, production, marketing and service. It is a high-tech enterprise in Shenzhen and a demonstration base for high-tech industrialization.
   Warwick has a very complete product line, and there are dozens of products in four series (T2, T6, T8, TCP series) and one platform (information intelligent residential system). Products range from the most basic intercom products to the most advanced intercom smart terminals. The complete product line can provide a variety of solutions according to the actual location of the community. Whether it is the general security requirements of the general community or the pursuit of advanced star-rated, informational, and information-based intercom integrated solutions, we can provide compliance. Required product.
    In terms of product quality control, in 2008 passed the latest version of the ISO9000 quality assurance system certification, and applied advanced ICT computer measurement and control and other high-tech instruments in product testing. For a variety of complex product application environments, we also adopted high-temperature detection, high-voltage static detection, salt-alkali atomization and anti-corrosion for all products.
    In addition, as a security product manufacturer and an international company, we also strictly adopt international advanced standard design and production processing, and obtain certification from CE, TUV and other authoritative organizations. Our company will continue to implement the tenet of “Quality is the life of the enterprise, innovation is the soul of the enterprise”, and promote the development and application of the intercom technology with professional strength.
    At the same time that product quality is recognized by the industry, Warwick pays more attention to product development, product management, formalization of enterprise management, professional organization of employees, and customer service process. In order to achieve the rapid development of the company and achieve high customer satisfaction, Warwick has established an advanced and perfect production base in the industry, and cultivates a first-class after-sales service team with technical and service capabilities. Create a management team with an advanced concept. The perfect hardware facilities and the composition of high-quality professionals have enabled Warwick to maintain a high-speed development pace and provide a vigorous driving force for product technology and service solutions.
    We always take "Quality is the life of the enterprise, innovation is the soul of the enterprise" as the enterprise tenet. At the same time, we also exchanged the trust of many partners. On the basis of honest cooperation, the performance has steadily increased.
Today's Warwick is a dynamic and innovative company, and tomorrow's Warwick will create new glory and achievements.